I arrived to Chinese medicine after a long journey, only to discover that the journey had gotten longer. From my early days in college, I was exposed to the I Ching (Book of Changes) and later became a practitioner of Tai Chi. Along the way I became attracted to Chinese medicine, particularly the study of Chinese herbs, which is the core of Chinese medicine.

While studying the medicine I realized this was not just another step along the way, but a passion. This passion remains with me today. I never tire of reading about the medicine, whether an arcane book on theory and practice or about the history of the development and progress of this medicine. I notice, within myself, a determination to soak up and assimilate as much as I can, that I come to deeper understandings with this medicine, becoming one with the best practices. I now approach my patients as a warrior engaged in a conflict with their suffering. The application of so complex a medicine as Chinese medicine requires that I be agile with ability to assess and reassess as needs arrive.

I am also a teacher. I teach my patients about the medicine that they will cultivate a comprehension, a learning that will provide them a path to health. That they can become self reliant and recognize what is best for their own health.

Lastly, I am consistent. I only practice and utilize the principles Chinese medicine. Whether acupuncture, herbs, or diet therapy.

I always tell my patients and students, that you can plumb the depths of Chinese medicine for many lifetimes and never hit bottom.

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